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traditional methods with modern thinking
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Any contractor umbrella company worth its salt will do two things – support you in making contracting rewarding and provide a support service to ensure that you don’t get bogged down in paperwork and admin. Here at HAMILTON//BRADBURY we have done exactly that and what’s more, we do it better than any other umbrella company on the market. Why? Because everyone involved in HAMILTON//BRADBURY has been in and around the contracting sector for most of their working lives. We are a company built by contractors for contractors with the sole aim of making the lives of other contractors easier and more lucrative. We’ve taken the traditional and reliable umbrella company structure and improved it, making your life hassle free and offering the lowest fee in the market.

What’s more, unlike many other companies offering offshore structures or various ‘employed solutions’ our umbrella company is guaranteed to be 100% secure, compliant and part of that rock-solid, established (and HMRC friendly) tradition of contractors working through umbrella companies. Never worry about IR35 or HMRC again!

You can join us instantly and we can have you up and running within our umbrella company structure that same day. And once you are up and running you can instantly benefit from improved income, since we have the lowest fees and our incredible employee support services and backroom staff (with your own dedicated account manager) taking over all of the tedious paperwork and admin that can be so annoying to most contractors. One phone call and you’ll never have to deal with accountants or HMRC again. Just as importantly, you will never again have to deal with the stress of chasing down clients for payments. We do all of that for you! One phone call and the only paperwork you’ll ever have to deal with is a single timesheet submitted through your own online secure portal, leaving you more time than ever to work or play.