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Is An Umbrella Company Right For Me?
For people who are already contracting and who love the flexibility and freedom that contracting brings but who hate all the admin and paperwork that comes with the job an umbrella company is the perfect solution. Here at Hamilton Bradbury our umbrella company is built around two core aims – making life easier for contractors by taking over every aspect of that admin whilst at the same time structuring their earnings more efficiently so they bring more home at the end of the day. If that sounds like something that might appeal to you then you might consider changing to our umbrella company. That’s not to say it is right for everyone – contractors who like to retain total control of their paperwork and admin would be much better suited to setting up their own limited company, as would some very high earning contractors who may (in certain circumstances) be able to get better returns from going limited. But on the whole, most contractors these days understand that umbrella companies are the most efficient vehicle for paying tax – which is why more than 200,000 contractors across the UK (and rising) use them every year.

Why Choose Hamilton Bradbury Umbrella Company?
Because we lead the way in umbrella company innovations, offering the lowest fees with an incredible support team and a comprehensive range of benefits for our contractors:

• Full Statutory Rights as an Employee
• Complete Insurance Coverage
• Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Admin
• Secure Online Portal
• Speedy Payments
• A Dedicated Account Manager
• Rock Solid Compliance
• Access to Our Incredible Contracting Support Team
• Feel Part of a Team
• Suitable for both Long and Short Term Contractors
• Easy to Join, Easy To Leave

What Expenses Can I Claim Back with Hamilton Bradbury Umbrella Company?
Please see our updated expenses policy

How Easy Is It To Claim Expenses and Submit Timesheets?
It’s incredibly easy – you’ll only have to do one piece of paperwork a week and all that involves is logging on to your secure portal area and entering the hours that you have worked and the expenses you wish to claim.

How Easy Is It to Join Hamilton Bradbury?
Again, it’s incredibly easy. All you need to do is call us or drop us an email and we can have you up and running that same day. No matter if you’re switching from a limited company or another agency, we can take care of everything straight away. That’s all it takes – one call to say goodbye to all that paperwork!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?
Nothing. Hamilton Bradbury is free to join and free to leave (though we think you’ll never want to leave!) There is a monthly fee to use the service, the prices can be viewed here

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