Umbrella Companies for Agencies

A good umbrella company should offer its contractors a hassle-free working life and its agency partners hassle-free contractors.

Here at HB Umbrella we have years of experience of dealing not just with contractors, but also with recruitment agencies. We know how difficult it can be for agencies to deal with contractors from different industries, backgrounds and countries and more importantly, different payment vehicles. And we know that the umbrella company, despite having been around for many years, remains the de facto option for contractors wanting to minimise their paperwork and keep on the right side of HMRC. We have developed our own unique umbrella service not just for contractors but also with agencies in mind. Which is why we know all the things that are important to recruitment agencies and all the benefits we can bring to your business:

Clear Employment Status – All our contractors are working through our umbrella company which is 100% HMRC friendly and IR35-free. We employ our contractors and therefore they have a crystal clear employment status – meaning no nasty surprises for your agency.

All Contractors Are Fully Insured – All of our contractors are fully covered, by us, for every type of insurance necessary. That means we provide them with up to £5 million in Public Liability Insurance, £10 million in Employers Liability Insurance and £10 million in Professional Indemnity Insurance. In addition, we also offer them a wide range of profession-specific insurances that cover most of the areas of contracting. That means no risk for you and we will handle any claims that might arise.

Payroll Management – We take care of every aspect of payroll so you don’t have to. No more administrative hassles for your agency as we will take on the management of PAYE and NIC’s leaving you to concentrate on recruitment. We will manage payroll for every contractor that joins us and we also, unlike many other agencies, guarantee that contractors will get their payment the same day we do.

BackOffice Support for Your Agency – Our staff will take on any support issues, be they related to taxation, employment, breaches of contract, payroll or expenses or insurance. All of which leaves you more time to concentrate on building your agency and recruiting more contractors.

Your Own Dedicated Agency Account Manager – We don’t think you’ll have many problems but should anything arise you can simply pick up the phone and chat to your own dedicated account manager who will be there for you whenever you need them. We value our relationships with contractors and agencies too much to see them passed from person to person.

No AWR Issues – None of our contractors will be affected by AWR. We guarantee every one of our contractors to be 100% exempt from AWR as they will all be ‘professionals working in a professional capacity.’