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Despite having been around for years, umbrella companies are still the only game in town when it comes to rock-solid, HMRC friendly tax solutions for contractors. Along the way umbrella companies have seen off Managed Service Companies, Offshore Solutions, Employee Benefit Trusts and various other Employed Solutions. When it comes to cutting out admin and paperwork and increasing take home pay, umbrella companies are still where it’s at!

Even better, our own PAYE umbrella solution has been tweaked to reflect the latest rules and regulations and to allow us to better maximise income retention and offer many benefits not available at other umbrella companies. Here at Hamilton Bradbury our umbrella company solution offers the following benefits:

What you get with Hamilton Bradbury

Complete Insurance Coverage

As a contractor working for Hamilton Bradbury we will cover all of your insurance needs, providing total cover for public and professional liability. Our insurance provision levels are some of the best on the market, covering you for up to £5 million in Public Liability Insurance, £10 million in Employers Liability Insurance and £10 million in Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Say Goodbye to Paperwork and Admin

This of course is the chief benefit of joining an umbrella company and we’ve designed our own umbrella solution to ensure that you never have to worry about admin again! We will take care of every last form, fax and task that relates to the smooth running of your contracting career, leaving you to concentrate on the stuff that matters – finding work and making money.

Secure Online Portal

We’ve built an easy-to-use and secure online portal for you to keep all your details in one place and where you can submit your timesheets whenever you want. Once logged in you can check on your assignments, keep an eye on your pay and your invoices and fill out any expenses you might have incurred.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our contractors don’t often experience any problems but in case you do we’ll be giving you your own dedicated account manager. If you have a query or are looking for advice or even just want a chat, give your account manager a call!

Rock Solid Compliance

Umbrella companies have been around for years and are the safest way to get the best returns on your money without going through the hassles (and paperwork) of a Limited Company. No worries HMRC knocking at your door as you will be working for our umbrella company.

Speedy Payments

We guarantee that you’ll get your money the same day we do. What’s more as soon as it is transferred over we will send you a text and you will also be able to see details in your portal area.

Referral Program

We love getting referrals from happy contractor, so as a thank you we offer cash incentives and monthly prizes to make recommending us a little more rewarding.

Full Statutory Rights as an Employee

Working as an employee of our umbrella company will entitle you to all the statutory benefits of employment, including holidays, maternity leave and sick pay.

Incredible Support Team

Our support staff have been working with contractors for years (and many of them worked as contractors themselves). From contractor tax to finding new contracts to pensions and financial advice our expert staff can point you in the right direction.

Easy to Join, Easy To Leave

The process of joining our umbrella company is simple and can be done in a day. And the same applies when you want to leave. Moreover, unlike many other umbrella companies we don’t charge you to sign on and we don’t charge you to leave

Suitable for both Long and Short Term

Umbrella companies are as suitable for contractors who are just starting out as they are for those who are in for the long haul. So whether you intend to contract for the rest of your working life or are just dipping a toe in the water an umbrella company is the perfect solution.