Getting your first contract

Make sure your right for contracting After collecting basic information regarding contracting if you feel confident and willing to choose it as profession, you need to search the market first. It is important to see the market trends and analyse whether your skills are suitable for contracting. The most important thing to consider is that […]

Why are contractor so in demand?

What makes contractors so attractive to businesses? The contractors are paid higher compared to regular employee and their working schedule is also flexible. So one should wonder what the basic incentives are for companies who are willing to hire the services of Contractors. The employers can benefit their business by utilising the services of Contractors […]

Getting it right

How to setup your contractor company? Traditionally, IT contractors have found it necessary to setup limited companies to work. Considering the tax advantages of using limited company, there wasn’t much of a reason for contractors to think about alternatives. Even with PAYE and umbrella companies now offering a viable option, majority of contractors still prefer […]

What to look out for after you get your first contract

After you have scored your first contract and you have agreed to a starting date, your invoicing company and recruitment agency will sign a contract between them. In case you are connected directly with a client bypassing the recruitment agency, the contract will be signed between client and invoicing company. Almost 90% of agencies will […]

Managing the Finances

If you are contracting in the UK, you could be dealing with two different monetary situations.

Working via a Limited company: You will certainly be paying yourself a monthly salary.
Inside IR35: If within IR35, you just need to pay yourself a deemed salary.

Operating PAYE means that you won’t need to fret about earnings tax and NI contributions. These deductions will certainly be instantly made as soon as your accounting professional processes your payroll.

Claiming expenditures is easy when you are resolving a limited company. You can assert all overhead simply like any other business, consisting of company equipment, training, and other expenses. On the other hand, contractors inside IR35 will only be able to assert a 5 % allowance in lieu of overhead.