3 reasons interview go wrong

I’m gonna show you a simple and effective method to answering any interview question. This method will help you land the job
of you want. Typically there are three main reasons why an interview doesn’t go well;

  • the first is that you can articulate yourself and communicate exactly why the perfect fit for the job
  • the second is that you’re unprepared you can get the right answers to tough behavioral interview questions
  • the third is that you simply too nervous and you can’t control your nerves and you lose control during the interview

The worst part is you can perform well in the interview then you fail to get the job you want, then you have to start over spending weeks or months applying to more job openings basically you’re stuck well don’t worry because we’re about to reveal to you how to ace your job interview.

I mentioned what are the biggest challenges people face is in controlling their nerves during the interview, they get tongue-tied and stumble up their words as results they make a negative impression and don’t get the offer. So first I wanna share with the most effective techniques you can use the to calm your nerves. I call this technique “ask the expert”

Ask the Expert

Here’s how it works for 60 seconds have a friend asking questions such as

  • what’s the greatest rock band of all-time
  • what’s your favorite color
  • what’s the best bar in town

Whatever the question you know the answer, then take a break and try a second-round you can.  Use this game as a warm-up for a few minutes before walking interview.  So this technique works so well because it helps you loosen up and shake off the nerves before your interview and it also gets you in a rhythm is the easily answering questions, your answers will roll off the tongue rather than getting trapped your head.

Get Prepared

The next issue many people have is that they’re unprepared and can’t get the right answers to tough interview questions. No matter what kinda job you’re interviewing for there are really only 20 questions they must be prepared to answer and what the toughest questions is
what’s your biggest weakness. Almost everybody’s heard this one very few know how to answer correctly in a way that’ll make an interviewer nod with approval. I receive questions about this question almost every day so here’s some tips on how to do it right.

How to answer “Whats your biggest weakness?”

The key is to recognize the weakness is the downside of a given strength. You want to recognises this trait and also clearly indicate how you have taken steps to correct for it. Here’s an example of an answer to this question that does just that:

I’m so it keeps a busy schedule enjoys getting a lot done but at times it’s hard for me to take a step back get perspective, I’ve learned they need to push myself to look around for more efficient solutions ensure that I delegate work to others to be as efficient as possible

If we take a closer look here’s what this answer really says: Strength: “I’m someone who keeps a busy schedule and enjoys getting a lot done” Weakness: “but at times it’s hard for me to take a step back get perspective” Correction for the weakness “I’ve learned that need to push myself to look around for more efficient solutions and to ensure that I delegate work to others around me to be effective as possible.” and here’s another example of the answer to the biggest weakness question

“I consider myself to be someone who is creative and imaginative and I enjoy developing new approaches to solve problems, but I needed to recognise that a new approach may be less effective that they tried and true. I’m careful not always push for the new way and to learn how others have been successful before me”

Here’s a breakdown of why this answer work so well it starts off with a Strength: “I consider myself to be someone who is creative imaginative and I enjoy developing new approaches to solve problems” Then it moves into the weakness “but I’ve needed to recognise that a new approach may be less effective than the tried and true.” But then it moves into a correction for the weakness “I’m careful not to always push for new way and to learn that others have been successful before me.”

As you can see with these responses when you thought through your key answers ahead of time you’ll be much better prepared to ease your job interview.

In addition if you wanna wow your interviewer and when the job offer, you have to relate you answered your own personality, experience and the nature the position.

Cookie Cutter Interview answers

If you search on the internet you find a lot of sites offering cookie-cutter sample answers interview questions a quick word a warning  beware abusing those types of candid interview responses.

So why not? You don’t want to sound to smoother or too slick,or sound like a robot. In order to be effective, your answers need to be personal and authentic. You need to feel comfortable saying them.

But the single biggest issue preventing people from winning the job offer they deserve is much more basic. They can articulate why they are the perfect fit for the job.

Articulate why you’re right for the job

In an ideal world, people would be hired solely based on their skills and qualifications for the job. But that’s not the reality, if you want on the job you need to persuade the job interviewer that you’re the perfect candidate So how to persuade the interviewer that you’re the best person for the job.

The first step is to understand the deep down that you’re the perfect candidate. Once you do that, you’ll have no problem persuading the interviewer. To know it makes you the perfect match, you have to look inside yourself at unique profile of motivations, strengths, values and personality traits I call this process Self-Assessment.

Once you’ve finished the self-assessment process the next step is to apply that knowledge when answering the dozens of questions your face in any interview. That way instead of risking those cookie cutter interview answers, you’ll have natural answers that you’re proud of. And as result, you be ten times more convincing and persuasive in your interview.