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Thank you for using Hamilton Bradbury’s net pay calculator. Please find below the illustration based on the figures you provided for a daily rate of £ assuming 1100L tax code.*

Your Take Home pay is £214.73
Gross Pay£0.00
Holiday Pay£137.30
National Insurance£-96.14
Take Home Pay£214.73
*A lower tax code will mean you may pay more tax and take home less.

Benefits of Hamilton//Bradbury
With a gross fee of £68.00 a month, Hamilton Bradbury is one of the UK’s lowest charging Umbrella companies. Our fee is taken before you pay tax and national insurance, that’s less than £37.00 net.
A lot of our competitors quote the net fee which makes them appear cheaper, when in fact they are more expensive.
What you get
  • £10m Employers Liability Insurance
  • £5m Public Liability Insurance
  • £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 24/7 Online portal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • No costs to join or leave
  • 6 minute sign up process
  • Same day payments at no extra charge.
  • HMRC dispensation and fully compliant umbrella
Join the UKs fastest growing umbrella: - portal.hamiltonbradbury.co.uk/join
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Tel 0800 808 5427- email Hello@hamiltonbradbury.co.uk